Join us for DRG4Food Guidelines Webinar #2!

Get ready to dive into the core of our Open Call webinar #2! We’ll walk you through the participation rules and eligibility criteria, highlight the challenge areas, and explain how we’ll support your data-driven solution’s journey to success while promoting digital responsibility.

Save your spot via F6S | DRG4Food Guidelines Webinar #2

At DRG4Food, our mission continues: to back SMEs, research organizations, and innovators in developing cutting-edge solutions aligned with Digital Responsibility Goals. Our ultimate goal remains empowering consumers and end-users, ensuring data sovereignty, and driving sustainable food systems.

Join our second pilot program webinar as we approach the deadline. The program offers:

  • Access to funding opportunities of up to €300,000
  • Exposure to cutting-edge technology enablers with robust technical support
  • Valuable mentorship and group coaching sessions
  • Specialized training covering technical, business, and DRG aspects

Join the webinar to learn about your eligibility for this opportunity, connect with potential partners, and explore our DRG Playbook and Toolbox for responsible and secure data handling within the food chain, focusing on safety, transparency, and accountability principles.

As we get closer to the deadline on December 11, it’s the perfect time to ensure you have all the information you need to make the most of this opportunity.

Following our in-depth discussion during the Open Call webinar, we’ll open the floor for an interactive Q&A session.

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*Learn more about this opportunity: DRG4Food | Open Calls