We’re sharing a brief overview of our recent DRG4Food matchmaking event held on May 23, 2024. With over 50 participants in attendance, the event provided a platform for 16 organizations to pitch their profiles for either FOODITY or DRG4FOOD open calls. Here are the organizations that participated along with their websites: The recording of the […]

As we spend more time in digital world, there is a growing emphasis on building a safer digital environment which can be confirmed by the fact that nowadays 73% of consumers are worried about their personal data being used without their consent. Imagine a future where every app you use proudly displays its labels of […]

DRG4Food is currently seeking experts for an external evaluator pool to review submissions under DRG4Food Open Call #2, which targets responsible, data-driven digital solutions in food tracking, targeted nutrition, and consumer decision-making in the food sector. We anticipate evaluators to contribute their insights and practical experience from technical realms like food science, nutrition, supply chain […]

Dear reader, We proudly present the second edition of our newsletter! 📢 In this edition, we delve into our commitment to fostering trust and responsibility within the food industry through cutting-edge techonolgy. From overcoming challenges to embracing interactive strategies, we’re at the forefront of reshaping how we think about food and technology.  Subscribe to the […]

Today, 8th of May 2024, DRG4FOOD hosted the workshop, “Traceability Matters: Challenges in Food Supply Chains“. By delving into the realm of food traceability technologies, the workshop spotlighted their multifaceted impacts on our food systems and catalysed discussions on potential solutions with multiples actors and stakeholders. The workshop agenda included sessions led by experts in […]

Given the rapid integration of technology into food chains, there is an urgent need to better understand how to promote responsible development of technology and empower citizens by ensuring trust and transparency in digital food sector. Held on April 10th, the online workshop was joined by speakers from the DRG4Food collaboration – Wim Hantjens from […]