Digital Food podcast is LIVE! From now on you can learn more about terms such as digital responsibility, data-driven food system, food tracking and so on, while listening to the new podcast series: Digital Food podcast! Hosted by EUFIC’s junior manager Florentin Ndizeye, premiere episode “Byte-sized Introduction: vision of a trustworthy food system” features experts […]

When was the last time, you spoke about food with a family member, friend or co-worker? Probably not too long ago. After all, there are few topics that are as central to our every day life like food. We need it to survive and more than that most people also thoroughly enjoy everything related to […]

In the ever-evolving landscape of food sustainability and innovation, the recent webinar hosted by the DRG4FOOD and FOODITY projects provided a platform to delve into the Food2030’s impact pathways. Held on February 1st, the event featured esteemed guest speaker Wim HantJens, Project Officer and DG Health and Koen Boone of the Sustainability Consortium. Addressing Systemic […]

Dear Reader, the first newsletter of DRG4FOOD project is finally out! In the first edition DRG4FOOD partners will describe the project’s objectives and why is important to promote trust, transparency and responsibility in the food chain. Discover the latest news and events about this exciting project in our newsletter and learn how you can actively participate […]

DRG4Food is currently seeking experts for an external evaluator pool to review submissions under DRG4Food Open Call #1, which targets responsible, data-driven innovation in food tracking, targeted nutrition, and consumer decision-making in the food sector. We anticipate evaluators to contribute their insights and practical experience from technical realms like food science, nutrition, supply chain management, […]

Interview with Kai Hermsen – DRG4FOOD project coordinator What are the main results DRG4FOOD want to achieve and why they are important for citizens? As a project team, we strive to create a data-driven food system that inspires trust throughout the food chain. We do so, by among other results developing a roadmap to a […]