DRG4FOOD Workshop Tackles Traceability Challenges in Food Supply Chains

Today, 8th of May 2024, DRG4FOOD hosted the workshop, “Traceability Matters: Challenges in Food Supply Chains“. By delving into the realm of food traceability technologies, the workshop spotlighted their multifaceted impacts on our food systems and catalysed discussions on potential solutions with multiples actors and stakeholders.

The workshop agenda included sessions led by experts in the field:

  • Nives Ogrinc (Joseph Stephan Institute)
  • Siu Lie Tan (TU Delft and member of the TITAN project)
  • Valeria Poscente (ENEA)

Keynote speeches from the experts have provided context and framed the discussion, setting the stage for interactive group sessions in which participants addressed various scenarios through analyses and solutions. By collecting the perspective of diverse stakeholders, the workshop’s goal was to generate actionable insights that can drive positive change in the food industry.

During the interactive sessions, participants have been divided into groups to analyse different food tracking scenarios, offering their perspectives and insights to shape potential recommendations.

With its collaborative approach and focus on practical solutions, the DRG4FOOD workshop stands as an essential step in the ongoing efforts to address the challenges and opportunities surrounding food traceability technologies, paving the way for a more transparent and resilient food supply chain.

The workshop’s insights will directly feed current ongoing activities within the DRG4FOOD project, helping to produce concrete recommendations to improve food traceability technologies while prioritizing citizens’ data rights and trustworthiness.

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