Meet the winners:

Nutrition AI for Well-being and Social Inclusion

“Dedicated to comfort living for all”


NutriWell will develop five AI based building blocks (enablers) that can be integrated into the DRG4Food Toolbox and in various solutions related to the “Targeted nutrition” use-case. The primary target group will be elderly people (65+), but in the next stage the solution will be expanded towards other citizen groups as well.

Nutrition Data Space (Generic Enabler), a multi-domain public data space containing anonymized food/nutrition related data, medical data; non-medical data; user generated data, AI generated data, etc. (DRG#7,1,2,3 & 4)

Users personal data wallet adapter (Specific Enabler), a service for personal data storage containing personal data, health and medical profiles (DRG#7,1,2,3&4);

AI nutrition plan generator (Specific Enabler) – it generates nutrition plan based on medical and wellbeing profiles (DRG#5,1,2,3 & 4);

AI cuisine allocator (Specific Enabler) – it generates menus for individuals based on their nutrition plan and their choice for a specific cuisine (e.g. Bulgarian and Greek).(DRG#5,1, 2,3 & 4);

Social cooking organiser (Specific Enabler) – it allows users with similar nutrition plans and menus to exchange experiences, cooking together (DRG#6, 1,2,3 & 4).

For each DRG we will utilise additional individual enablers from the toolbox of the i4Trust platform. i4Trust brings an integrated suite of mature open standard-based technology building blocks coming from FIWARE and iSHARE that contribute to building trust and enables easy and secure data sharing between data consumers and data suppliers, with active involvement (including – permission) of data owners. Using dataU (FOODITY) is also envisaged.

Meet the Partners

Innova Living


IL(Inova Living ltd) is a software and business consulting SME in Bulgaria specialised in smart services for elderly people (65+). It will provide expertise in software development, service design, Big Data, AI and ICT-based solutions.

Institute of Technology and Development


ITD is a non-profit NGO, established as a spin-off of Centre of IST, Sofia University. It does applied research and innovation in a digitally enhanced ecosystem. It will provide expertise in AI and ICT-based solutions for the food and nutrition sector.

Sofia Development Association


SDA is a Sofia Municipality NGO hosting SofiaLab, member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). SDA will provide capacity in user needs analysis, social innovation, living lab methodology, access to users and a living lab facility for piloting the services.

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DRG4Food Open Call #2
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