Tracebility Matters: Challenges in Food Supply Chain

Join us on May 8th at 10.00 am CEST for the DRG4FOOD project’s online workshop “Tracebility Matters: Challenges in Food Supply Chain”!

Registration Open: here!

In an era marked by growing concerns about authenticity, food safety and sustainability, food traceability technologies gained a prominent role in the sector. Indeed, from the moment food is produced on the farm to the moment it reaches our plates, traceability technologies play a crucial role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and integrity across the entire food supply chain. 🌾🍽️

However, despite having gained momentum in recent years, various challenges persist with such technologies. These range from legislative barriers and technical complexities to consumers’ trust issues.

This workshop will showcase speakers from #DRG4FOOD consortium, FoodTraNet project, TITAN project and Premotec. They will offer valuable insights into current trends and challenges within the food tracebility domain.

You will have the opportunity to engage in discussions by asking questions, sharing ideas and offering innovative solutions that will help create guidelines for policy reccommendations.  

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