Why we need a trustworthy, citizen-centric data driven food system

Save the date for April 10th and be part of the conversation on leveraging citizen data for positive change in the food industry 🍽️

✅Are you excited about the future of food systems and how technology will shape them?

✅Would you like to contribute to debates about how citizen data may drive positive change in the food business while protecting individual rights?

Join us for the DRG4FOOD project’s online workshop on April 10th, 2024, as we explore the intersection of technology, citizen data, and food systems. Over the course of 2 hours, we’ll explore innovative approaches, share insights, and brainstorm solutions to ensure that data-driven technologies benefit both consumers and society as a whole.

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This event, which will feature keynote speakers from the #DRG4Food collaboration, the European Commission, and ECSA, promises to be vibrant and participatory. You’ll be able to interact with professionals in the area, participate in live polls and conversations on your smartphone, and even take the virtual floor to offer your thoughts.

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