Call for Expert Evaluators: DRG4Food Open Call #1

DRG4Food is currently seeking experts for an external evaluator pool to review submissions under DRG4Food Open Call #1, which targets responsible, data-driven innovation in food tracking, targeted nutrition, and consumer decision-making in the food sector.

We anticipate evaluators to contribute their insights and practical experience from technical realms like food science, nutrition, supply chain management, as well as from fields encompassing social sciences, humanities, economics, and environmental science, aligning with DRG4Food’s visionary objectives.

Ideal candidates will meet the following requirements:

  • Extensive experience in the food industry, particularly in areas such as Food Tracking, Targeted Nutrition, and Consumers’ Food Choices.
  • A solid background in academia, technology, or industry, with a focus on innovative services and applications that align with values of openness, sovereignty, fairness, and trust.
  • Proven experience in evaluating European Commission proposals or similar assessment experience is required.

If you have the expertise and are interested in joining our evaluator pool, you are encouraged to apply. Responsibilities include a thorough assessment of proposals during the evaluation period in January 2024.

Experts will work independently and must not represent any company or organization during the evaluation process. The selection criteria and application details are outlined Expression of Interest for Experts – DRG4Food Open Call #1 document.

Expert evaluator applications for DRG4Food Open Call #1 are welcome from nationals of EU Member States, their outermost regions, associated OCTs, and countries affiliated with Horizon Europe. Being selected as an expert requires signing a contract and non-disclosure agreement.

To apply for the evaluator pool for DRG4Food Open Call #1, please visit the F6S page at DRG4Food Open Call #1 – Call for Expressions of Interest.

Note that submitting your expression of interest requires an F6S account, which you can create at no cost.

The deadline for expressing your interest is November 30, 2023 (17.00 CET).

Thank you for considering this opportunity, and best of luck with your application. We are eager to potentially work together and value your interest in collaborating with us!

DRG4Food Open Call Coordination Team