Online workshop “Why we need a trustworthy, citizen centric data driven food system?”

Given the rapid integration of technology into food chains, there is an urgent need to better understand how to promote responsible development of technology and empower citizens by ensuring trust and transparency in digital food sector.

Held on April 10th, the online workshop was joined by speakers from the DRG4Food collaboration – Wim Hantjens from DG-RTG, European Commission, Enrico Balli from ECSA, Pia Groenewolt from FOOD2030network and Ferdinand Ferroli from Identity Valley who explained the importance of citizen-centric data sharing and how it can make a positive change while providing solutions and examples from successful science practices.

Participants engaged in an interactive session, offering a platform for them to share their concerns and questions regarding data sharing in the food system to make sure their individual rights are protected along the way.

The goal was to deeper understand the challenges surrounding data sharing, as well as gain insights into how to navigate them in the future to enhance empowerment in citizens and provide safe use of technology in the food chain.