Why DRG4FOOD’s Results Are Important for Citizens

Interview with Kai Hermsen DRG4FOOD project coordinator

What are the main results DRG4FOOD want to achieve and why they are important for citizens?

As a project team, we strive to create a data-driven food system that inspires trust throughout the food chain. We do so, by among other results developing a roadmap to a new data-driven food system around openness, sovereignty, fairness and trust, providing a toolbox composed of human-centric, decentralized, and trustworthy electronic food system technology enablers, and selecting and engaging at least 10 third-party pilots through two DRG4Food Open Calls.

We believe that with this holistic view and complementary objectives, we will ultimately be able to improve the quality of life for society and citizens.

Why is it important to create a trustworthy digital environment in the food systems?

We believe that technology is not an end in itself but acts as an empowering enabler. The practical implementation of digital responsible tools can enable new levels of innovation in many areas of the food sector, such as food safety, sustainability, reduction of food waste and fair conditions throughout the entire food chain. Only if the digital environment is trusted by the diverse and manyfold actors in the food chain, will it ultimately be used and fuel further innovation.

Why participate to the open calls?

We provide a full-fledged accelerator program designed for researchers, startups, and SMEs to excel in the agri-food tech sector. Our program is dedicated to piloting innovative trustworthy by default tools and solutions to boost trust, transparency, and responsibility in the food industry. Our focus is on individualized coaching and mentorship to help our teams grow and scale their impact. With the access to our network and access to funding opportunities, we provide the resources and support needed to accelerate the development of sustainable and impactful solutions.